From: Exit Staff
Albanian Parliament Elects Olsian Çela New General Prosecutor

Olsian Çela was elected Albania’s General Prosecutor. In today’s parliamentary session, 101 MPs votes for Prosecutor Çela and 2 voted against. According to the Constitution, the General Prosecutor needs to be elected by a 3/5 majority of all 140 members of Parliament.

The Socialist majority parliamentary group had decided yesterday to elect Çela, who was ranked first in the list provided to parliament by the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP). Second ranked was Arta Marku and third was Fatjona Memçaj.

Marku’s candidacy received 11 votes today, 22 MPs voted against and 78 abstained.

Memçaj received 8 votes, 16 MPs voted against and 87 abstained.

Olsian Çela will take over from Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku, who was elected in December 2017 by the Socialist majority in violation of the Constitution.