From: Exit Staff
PM Rama Asks for European Support at NATO Summit after Devastating Quake

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that he had talked with European leaders at the NATO Summit on the situation following the November 26 earthquake and asked for their help.

After the Summit, Rama said that Europe is united in support of Albanians:

“The Minister of Defense is continuing communication with counterparts, I have to go back. We have made available documents and information for them [leaders] to have a clear understanding.”

He added: “I have been able to emotionally involve leaders directly. Because their word is much more than a file. “

The prime minister said he has talked closely with President Trump, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Conte and President Macron and asked them for concrete assistance, including winter tents:

“I felt encouraged by the fact that everyone was aware and interested in knowing more. I asked that we can make it possible to provide all those in urban areas with winter tents,” he said.