President Meta Holds Lottery to Elect New KED

Yesterday, President Ilir Meta held the annual lottery for the Justice Appointments Council (KED). The KED consists of 9 members from the ranks of judges and prosecutors.

  • Fjona Papajorgji (Constitutional Court)
  • Vitore Tusha (Constitutional Court)
  • Ardian Dvorani (High Court)
  • Arta Marku (General Prosecution)
  • Mirada Andoni (Appeals Court)
  • Saida Dollani (Appeals Court)
  • Ludovik Dodaj (Prosecutor at the Appeals Court)
  • Fatjona Memçaj (Prosecutor at the Appeals Court)
  • Arjan Qafa (Court of First Instance)

The following substitute members were elected:

  • Marsida Xhaferllari (Constitutional Court)
  • Bilbil Mete (General Prosecution)
  • Nazmi Troka (Appeals Court)
  • Nazir Gjokaj (Prosecutor at the Appeals Court)
  • MArjana Velaçani (Court of First Instance)

The KED will be once again chaired by Ardian Dvorani, the only member left of the High Court.

Although members of the KED are constitutionally required to have finished the School of Magistrates, the High Prosecutorial Council has so far refused to respond to an inquiry of Exit regarding the qualifications of the prosecutors that stood for election.