From: The Balkanista
The First Albanian to Win an IEMMY

A 25-year-old independent filmmaker has raised the flag of the Albanian film industry in one of the world’s most prestigious award-giving bodies.

The young filmmaker, Artes Ferruni recently won the JCS International Young Creatives Award at the 2019 International Emmy World Television Festival in New York City for her short film, “It Starts Within”.

From seven years old she helped out in her parents’ shop- they opened the very first Organic Shop in Albania. An avid Latin dancer from an early age, she has now been catapulted into the spotlight for her film work and her story is one of accomplishment, creativity and perseverance.

Through a short story, she tackles the topic of peace.

“It can feel overwhelming to make a stand for peace. Where does one even start? I explore a simple yet crucial answer to that question. I believe peace comes from within—and only from there can broader peace emerge,” said Artes.

She added: “I was thrilled when I learned this kind of video format was given the opportunity to be acknowledged in such a prestigious event. I believe in a day of social media and fast consumption this is one of the best ways to create tangible and positive impact worldwide.”

The International Emmy Awards, despite its focus on television programs, has opened a special category to honour the winners of the JCS International Young Creatives Award, founded by business and philanthropic leader Ronald S. Lauder. It was established “to discover and foster young talent across the globe while sparking a conversation around peace.”

Filmmakers from various different countries submit their 1 minute short films after which, an online public vote is conducted. At the final round the winners are selected by a blue-ribbon panel of international jurors led by the president of JCSI, Michal Grayevsky!

The filmmaker, Artes was thrilled to receive this award but more so, determined on continuing producing brief, but relevant, films like this.  She hopes to be a voice of empowerment and purposeful storytelling in the midst of hectic internet content.

This article was originally published on The Balkanista.