US Ambassador to Kosovo Denies US ‘Active Encouragement’ of Kosovo-Serbia Territorial Swap

“The US government has never actively encouraged an adjustment of borders, partition as some have called it,” the US ambassador to Kosovo has stated.

In an interview with “Jeta ne Kosove” TV show, to be broadcast tonight,  ambassador Philip S. Kosnett has encouraged Serbia and Kosovo to seat in talks.

“If you want a peace deal, you seat down and you talk to your adversaries,” Kosnett told journalist Jeta Xharra.

The nominee for US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim has also stated earlier that the existing Kosovo-Serbia border should be respected, otherwise the peace in the Balkans could be at risk.

Presidents of both countries, Hashim Thaçi and Alexandat Vučić, as well as Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama have actively supported the exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia as the most feasible way to reach an agreement.

In late October, following a long meeting between the two, leader of Kosovo’s Lëvizja Vetëvendosje (LVV) party, Albin Kurti stated that Rama does not support the exchange of territories anymore.