From: Exit Staff
Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Courts Established in Albania

The High Judicial Council (KLD) established today the First Instance and Appeal Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Courts.

The two newly established courts will adjudicate over criminal charges against the highest officials in Albania, as well as crimes committed by criminal or terrorist organizations.

The following judges were appointed for permanent terms in office to the Court of Appeal:

  1. Albana Boksi
  2. Nertina Kosova
  3. Saida Dollani
  4. Dhimitër Lara
  5. Sokol Binaj

Judge Nure Dreni was appointed to the same court provisionally because she has not yet undergone the vetting process.

The following judges were appointed to the First Instance Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Court also provisionally due to their ongoing vetting.

  1. Daniela Shirka
  2. Etleva Dede
  3. Flora Haredinaj
  4. Ilirjana Olldashi
  5. Irena Gjokaj
  6. Marsela Balili
  7. Miliana Muçaj
  8. Ardit Mustafaj
  9. Bib Ndreca
  10. Fran Prendi
  11. Klodian Kurushi
  12. Sandër Simoni

The establishment of the special anti-corruption courts comes on the same day when 8 Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutors were sworn in before the President, and prosecutor Arben Kraja was elected chair of this new institution.