From: Ajola Marku
Vetevendosje Protest against Serbian President Vucic Visiting Albania

The Tirana branch of political party Vetevendosje announced they would protest against the visit of Serbian President Aleksander Vucic scheduled for today.

Vucic is in Tirana to take part in the meeting of the so-called ‘Mini-Schengen initiative’. Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia are planning to create an area of free-trade and movement within the Western Balkans. Kosovo has refused to take part due to ongoing tensions with Serbia that refuses to acknowledge it as an independent country.

Vetevendosje said that the Albanian government is trying to present Vucic, who they call a “war criminal” as a “humanitarian”. They said their protest will be peaceful and symbolic.

The group added “Vucic cannot avoid justice by giving charity. He remains a persona non grata for Albanians.”

Boiken Abazi, the Director of the group said:

“Serbia owes Albanian’s over EUR 20 billion in war damage, Vucic has been a part of the Milosevic government where extraordinary crimes have been committed against the people and the economy of Kosovo.”