From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
One Month After The Earthquake, Many Citizens Still Living In Tents

Heavy rain that fell over the weekend in Albania has left many of those still living in tents, facing an even more difficult situation. 

Many citizens who had their homes damaged during the November 26 earthquake have been left without anywhere to go and are camping nearby in tents. They are unable to leave their homes due to fears of looting or responsibilities towards livestock and lacking funds to rebuild, they are left to live in tents indefinitely. Many of those living in tents, particularly in Mamuras and small villages in Durres County have still not received any aid from the government and are relying on handouts from civil society.

Several days of torrential rain has resulted in unlivable conditions for many. Various activists and volunteers took to social media to ask for help.

Activist Edlira Cepani asked for help so that a family of five children in Mamurras would not be left in the tent in the rain.

“This winter is not spent in tents! I call on all government structures to urgently provide people with containers (costing nothing for the state) as a provisional step towards new housing.”

In Mamurras, Mallukc, Bubq and Little Mazhe, the engagement of a group of volunteers led by Aulon Kalaja has helped several families with short term needs like mattresses, blankets, and food. He spoke of several cases of families in the villages of Durres and Fush Kruje who still remain in difficulty.

Exit has visited the area recently and can confirm many families living in tents and not having received any government assistance or aid.

The November 26 earthquake killed 52 people and left thousands homeless. A month later, hundreds in rural areas are still in difficulty.