From: Exit Staff
Constitutional Court To Decide On National Theatre ‘Special Law’

The Constitutional Court has ruled to consider President Meta’s request to repeal the special law which paves the way for the National Theater to be demolished and for towers to be built on public property,

For this reason, the College of the Constitutional Court has asked the Assembly, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Tirana to submit their arguments for drafting and adopting this special law. The deadline for these institutions to respond is January 22.

As has previously explained  , the ‘special’ law on the National Theater is  in breach of the Constitution and  the Stabilization and Association Agreement with  the European Union. For this reason, in July 2018, President Meta  did not promulgate the law and returned it to parliament but the Socialist majority adopted it again, rejecting the president’s decree.

Subsequently, on July 25, 2019, President Meta submitted to the Constitutional Court a request to declare the law on the demolition of the National Theater building as unconstitutional.

Due to the absence of the Constitutional Court, President Meta’s request had not yet been considered.

Today the Constitutional Court has 4 members, enough to convene the 3-member Constitutional Court Panel that accepts the cases to be tried.

Meanwhile, in order to adjudicate cases, the Constitutional Court must have at least 6 members. There are currently two members in the election procedure: one from the president and one from the assembly. They are expected to be resolved by January 2020.