From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Vetting Results In Dismissal of 125 Members Of The Judiciary In Two Years

The Albanian Helsinki Committee reported that 125 members of the judiciary were dismissed during the two years of the vetting process. According to the report, mainly prosecutors and judges have been dismissed due to failing to meet property declaration criteria.

According to the AHC, 83 magistrates have been sacked by the Independent Qualification Commission, while 42 have left after resigning or retiring. KPC has dismissed 50 judges, 31 prosecutors and 2 legal assistants.

35 magistrates were fired for non-justification of property, 1 magistrate was fired for image purity criterion and 47 were fired for more than one criterion.

The report reports that 97 magistrates have been confirmed in office by the KPC, of ​​whom 40 are judges and 48 are prosecutors.

102 appeals were filed with the Special Appeals Panel, in 32 cases the KPA upheld the KPC decision and in only 9 cases the Panel reversed the first instance decision of the vet.