From: Exit Staff
Albin Kurti: We Will Not Abolish Tax On Serbian Products Until Complete Reciprocity Between Kosovo and Serbia

Albin Kurti’s government will not abolish 100% tax on Serbian products.

In an interview with RTV Time, Kosovo Prime Ministerial Candidate Albin Kurti said he was confident that the tax on Serbian goods would be lifted only when there was complete political, economic and commercial reciprocity between Kosovo and Serbia.

Mr. Kurti stated:

“Our government will not abolish the 100 percent tariff without establishing full reciprocity. The LVV will abolish the 100 percent tariff on Serbia by replacing it with the principle of complete political, economic and commercial reciprocity. We replace the tariff with reciprocity. ”

Kurti explained that Serbia should provide Kosovar citizens with the same facilities it receives and seeks to obtain from Kosovo:

“We expect in Serbia to receive the Kosovo driver’s license, in Serbia to accept the certificate of production of goods in Kosovo, in Serbia to accept vehicle plates with the Republic of Kosovo, because with the Republic of Serbia can enter etc.”

Albin Kurti as the winner of the elections has not yet been mandated as Prime Minister by the President Hashim Thaci. He has so far refused President Thaci’s three invitations.

Thaci’s last invitation to Kurti was on December 30, but Kurti in his official response told the president that they “may meet on January 06 next year”.

The new Kosovo parliament, meanwhile, held its first session on December 26, where Glauk Konjufca I LVV was elected speaker of the new Assembly.