From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
North Macedonian PM Resigns Following EU Accession Snub

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev has announced his resignation which will be approved in parliament today. Meanwhile, the government will be headed temporarily by former Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

Zaev said in a statement that “this morning at 8:30 I signed by resignation in accordance with the Prague Agreement and the Law on Government. I believe that tee document will be in Parliament soon so that the procedure can start to enable the approval of the interim government.”

His resignation comes after two years and seven months as prime minister and the interim government will hold snap elections on 12 April, according to an agreement between party leaders. The decision was made after North Macedonia failed to receive a start date for the opening of EU accession talks for the third time, in October 2019.

When parliament approves his resignation, which is expected to happen today, State President Stevo Pendarovski will mandate the formation of a technical, interim government and Spasovski will be required to confirm the new cabinet by midnight. The Opposition will have two ministers and three, additional deputy ministers.

Both Albania and North Macedonia were told they would have to wait for a decision as to whether accession talks could be opened. A decision is expected in May of this year.