From: Exit Staff
Deadly Year for Albanian Workers as 34 Lost Their Lives in 2019

34 workers lost their lives as a result of accidents at work between January-November 2019. Data released in a report by the Labor Inspectorate shows that the sectors where most workers lost their lives are construction with 15 dead, and mines with seven dead.

Compared to last year where five construction workers died, the number of workers who lost their lives in construction has tripled in the past 11 months.

In the same period, 157 workers were injured during work. Again the sector with the most casualties is construction: 42 out of 157 workers worked in construction.

After the construction sector, the largest number of those injured at work is in manufacturing enterprises, with 35 injured, and in mining with 25 injured.

Among the injured workers, 25 were women.

Out of 176 companies inspected after reported accidents at work, the Labor Inspectorate found 266 uninsured workers, some of whom were injured or lost their lives.

Two days ago, two miners at the Albchrome mine in Bulqize were injured while working in the gallery. According to the Bulqiza United Miners’ Union (SMBB) in the last two weeks, 3 miners have been injured during work. Albchrome claimed it was human error on the part of employees.

In 2015, Prime Minister Edi Rama of Socialist Party boasted to his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi that in his country there are no labor unions, and therefore Italian companies should invest in Albania.

The first casualties for 2020 were also listed in construction; on January 3, a 36-year-old worker lost his life in Korça, while another was injured.