From: Exit News
Albcontrol Spends Millions in Unnecessary Clientelistic Health Checkup Contracts

For the sixth consecutive year, the state-owned company Albcontrol will pay about 340,000 euros for unnecessary staff health checkups at the privately owned ‘American Hospital’.

Albcontrol is a public company, owned by the Ministry of Finance and Energy, which manages the airspace of Albania, in accordance with international flight standards.

Since 2014, American Hospital has been the winner of all Albcontrol health checkup tenders, totaling some € 2.15 million.

With about 320 employees, Albcontrol has spent around € 6700 since 2014 on each employee for routine checkups and tests at the American Hospital. This is an unnecessary service at a time when the government has approved free health checkups in public hospitals for all citizens.

In almost all tenders, the American Hospital was the only company in the race and its bids were as much as the limit specified by Albcontrol. This fact, as well as prices being several times higher than the market, leaves room for suspicion.

Exit News lists all tenders won by the American Hospital for health checks for Albcontrol employees:

– In 2014, the American Hospital won a tender worth about €340,000 for employee health checkups.

– In 2015, the American Hospital won a tender worth about €440,000 for employee health checkups. Another company, Montal, also participated in the race, but it was disqualified. The American Hospital’s bid was equal to Albcontrol’s budget for this tender.

– In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 the American Hospital has won four tenders with the same value of €340,000 each, as the only bidder, and for a value equal to Albcontrol’s tender budget.