From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Residents Call on Anti-Corruption Prosecution to Investigate Ring Road Project

The Ringroad Women for Dignity (GUD) organisation has called on the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) to investigate the project of the Tirana Outer Ring Road for corruption of high officials. GUD is was establish by residents of the new ring road area whose homes have been demolished without compensation.

In a Facebook post today, GUD explained how around 50 buildings have been demolished between in the area. Out of these buildings, only 15 families have been expropriated and financially compensated, due to them working in the government or Tirana Municipality, according to the post.

Speaking of corruption in the government, they claim that “the last crumbs of credibility in the eyes of the people has now disappeared for this government as a result of our fight for human rights- our right to have a home.”

GUD states they will continue to fight for their rights under the law and will stand together with the Albanian people to oppose injustices of a government it claims, no longer answers to its people.

“We have not been compensated and we don’t expect to be compensated,” they say before calling on authorities to “do their job” and investigate the project. They added that they trust today’s opposition will compensate them in the future.

“SPAK is in possession of all the evidence, we are confident that it will retrieve all the relevant documents in order to properly investigate and bring justice for the Albanian people, and for the people of the Outer Ring Road.”

The ring road project has been mired in controversy since its inception after the company that won the tender to widen the road at a cost of around EUR 10 million a kilometre, forged its incorporation documents. It also came to light that many of the citizens would not be compensated for the forced eviction of their homes after the government stopped legalisation procedures when the project was announced.