From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Prosecution Files Three Charges Against Ex-Mayor Agim Kajmaku

Tirana’s prosecution has closed the investigation into former Mayor of Vora Agim Kajamaku and filed three charges against him.

Ousted by the Democratic Party as having concealed his criminal past on his decriminalisation form, itself a criminal offence, Kajmaku has been on the run, according to the authorities.

Shortly after winning the single-party race in the 30 June local elections, the DP accused Kajmaku of failing to state in his decriminalisation form that he had been arrested in Greece and had been prosecuted. 

The Prosecution has now filed three charges against him for forgery of stamps, forgery of official documents and execution of office after its issuance.

He allegedly signed a dismissal of two of his deputies after the Central Election Commission had made the decision to remove his mandate. He is suspected of falsifying the date of dismissal.

According to reports, police who arrived at his apartment to execute his arrest were unable to locate him.

At the time of writing, a total of five Socialist Party mayors have either been accused or been found to have concealed or to have a criminal past. Under Albanian law, it is a criminal offence to lie on the decriminalization form.