From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
International Monitoring Operation Confirms It’s Looking into Appointment of Ex-Communists in Justice Institutions

The office of Genoveva Ruiz Calavera, head of the International Monitoring Operation has confirmed that they are looking into the issues raised by the Albanian Anti- Communist Politically Persecuted Association.

The Association contacted Ruiz earlier this month to express their concern over the return to the justice system of a number of “perpetrators of communist crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.”

Exit contacted Ruiz to ask whether they intended to look into the issue and whether the appointment of such individuals to oversee modern justice.

The IMO confirmed that they have received communication from the Association and said that they are “currently looking into the issues raised by the open letter” and have said they “will respond in due course”.

The open letter laid out a number of concerns centred around the fact that after some 45 years of communists dictatorship, recent developments in the judicial reform are causing “regret and concern”.

Nebil Cika, the Chairman of the Association explained how members of the Sigurimi, the secret State Security Directorate under the communist regime, political police, prosecutors, and judges have been appointed to new justice institutions. He added that many of these individuals levied punishments including imprisonment, labour, torture and death against persecuted persons.

The letter names Head of SPAK Arben Kraja, Deputy Prosecutor General Thoma Jano, Head of KED Ardian Dvorani, member of KLD Fatmira Luli, member of KLP Bujar Sheshi, and member of KLP Nurihan Seiti as examples of this. All of them worked in the communist justice system and were responsible for many arrests, political convictions, and “severe” punishments for ‘crimes’ such as trying to cross the border, ‘propaganda’, or simply opposing the regime. 

Another notable former communist in a position of power is Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi who was Minister of the Interior during the end of the communist dictatorship at a time when people were executed for trying to escape the country. His position is the second most powerful in Albania, preceded only by that of the President.