From: Exit Staff
Former State Attorney and Brother of Socialist Party MP Appointed High Inspector of Justice

A former State Attorney and the brother of a Socialist Party MP, Artur Metani has been appointed as the High Inspector of Justice by the PS controlled parliament.

Metani has previously served as an advisor to two presidents, has worked for the cabinet of Prime Minister Edi Rama, and is the brother of PS MP Eglantina Gjermeni. In his new role, he will be responsible for investigating administrative breaches by judges and prosecutors.

The Democratic Party reacted to the news by calling it a political appointment, adding that it will be a “clinical death” for the country’s justice reform. The reform aims to create a more politically independent and professional judiciary that is immune from being tampered with, influenced, and corrupted.

In a statement following the vote, the PD said: “dependent on Rama for several years now, Artur Metani will not serve independent justice.”

“He is appointed there to serve Rama. Through his appointment, Rama is investing personally against prosecutors and judges who will investigate corruption, electoral crime, and government connections with organised crime,” the statement added.

LSI also condemned the appointment, accusing the PS of “electing brothers-in-law and kinsmen at the top of judicial institutions.”