From: Exit Staff
Opposition Calls on Prosecutors to Press Criminal Charges against Socialist Mayor for Concealing Cocaine Providers  

The Democratic Party (PD) of Albania has called on the Special Anti-corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) to initiate investigations into Mayor of Bulqiza Lefter Alla, and press charges against him for drug possession and concealing the criminals that provided him with the cocaine he was caught snorting in a video published recently.

Opposition PD General Secretary also urged the newly-formed SPAK to intensify investigations into the mayor, which could lead to a criminal group engaged in trafficking and distribution of cocaine in Bulqiza.

In a separate press statement, the PD accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of governing the country in collusion with criminals.

“The shocking video of an illegitimate mayor nominated by Edi Rama in Bulqiza is his model for governance. Lefter Alla is the mirror where everyone can see Edi Rama, the cocaine man.”

The statement went on to accuse Rama of being politically responsible for not dismissing Mayor Alla.

The opposition argued that the separation of politics from crime is a national emergency, adding that:

“Removing drug traffickers and drug users from politics is the key step in paving the way for a normal government in Albania and restoring young people’s confidence that meritocracy and not crime are the opportunities to make a career.

This can only happen with the departure of Edi Rama, the cocaine man who promoted co-governance with crime and remains in power with crime support.”