From: Exit Staff
Trump Envoy Asks Kosovo to Drop Tariffs, Serbia to Stop Derecognition Campaign

US Ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, also President Donald Trump’s special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue met with President Hashim Thaçi and Prime Minister-designate Albin Kurti today in Prishtina.

In their meeting with Thaçi, Grenell stated he would not interfere in Kosovo’s domestic politics regarding the creation of a new government. He added that his objective during this visit to Kosovo and then to Serbia, aimed at urging both governments to improve the economy and create new jobs.

Grenell and Thaçi also discussed the agreement signed this week in Berlin to establish a Prishtina-Belgrade flight a 21-year hiatus.

The US diplomat asked Kurti to consider dropping the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods, stating that Serbia should also drop its derecognition campaign against Kosovo. Grenell said he would confer the same message to the Serbian government during his visit.