From: Exit Staff
Italian Police Report 1,200% Increase in Cannabis Cultivation in Albania

Italian public broadcaster RAI3 reported that cultivation of cannabis in Albania during the last year has increased by 1,200 percent.

RAI3 journalists referred to a recent still unpublished Italian Police report they were provided to read, which showed aerial photos of cannabis plantations in Albania. It estimated that 100,000 cannabis plants are growing in Albania now.

Italian Prosecutor Giacomo Cataldi of the Lecce Prosecution Office told RAI3 that Albania has become one of the main cannabis producers. As a result, the Albanian mafia has accumulated large amounts of money, which have enabled them to take a leading role in drug trafficking and other criminal activities in Europe.

The report called “Europe’s border” was prepared by journalist Valerio Cataldi, who was threatened a few years ago for reporting on former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri’s involvement in drug trafficking.