From: Exit Staff
Rama Attacks RAI3 Journalists after Damning Cannabis Cultivation Report

Prime Minister Edi Rama rebuked a report by the Italian public broadcaster RAI3 on cannabis cultivation in Albania calling it “shameful journalism”.

Relying on an unpublished Italian police report seen by RAI3 journalists, the TV report argued that cannabis cultivation in Albania has increased by 1,200 percent in the last year.

Rama went on Twitter to attack RAI3 journalists and call on the Italian government to “tell the truth without wasting any time.”

“Last night’s news by RAI3 regarding the alleged increase by 12 times of cannabis cultivation in Albania is shameful journalism, totally unrelated to the situation on the ground which is monitored and certified by the Guardia di Finanza [Italian police] itself! I hope that our splendid partners will tell the truth without wasting any time,” Rama tweeted.