From: Exit Staff
Vetting Commission Reopens Investigation into Prosecutor over New Findings

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) has reopened the investigation into serious crime prosecutor Anton Martini, following allegations made against him on December 11, 2019.

The individual who made the allegations to the KPK has claimed that Prosecutor Martini changed prosecutors of some ongoing investigations while he headed the Shkodra Prosecution Office.

The KPK has found that Martini reassigned 10 of the 13 cases reviewed to the same prosecutor to continue investigations.

Prosecutor Martini himself has been in charge of the investigations for several important cases.

He filed charges of treason and disclosure of state secrets against Dritan Zagani and ordered his arrest. Dritan Zagani was kept in prison for several months through Martini’s fabricated charges until the Serious Crimes Court eventually dismissed them.

Moreover, the court ruled that Zagani could only be investigated for abuse of office and only by district prosecutors, not serious crime prosecutors.

Another questionable case investigated by Prosecutor Martini was that of the Mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako regarding his possible involvement in collusion with criminal gangs to manipulate the 2017 elections.

In his over-six-month-long investigation, Martini inexplicably failed to include as evidence the wiretaps in which Dako is heard discussing with criminals the favours and public works contracts he would provide them in exchange of votes secured for the ruling Socialist Party. The exclusion of this crucial evidence virtually destroyed the investigation which remains open, some three year’s later.