From: Exit Staff
Construction Worker Dies in Tirana, Three in a Month

A 57-year-old man has lost his life in Tirana today after falling from a construction site while working. This brings the yearly total to three work-related deaths in under a month.

According to the police, the man fell from a height while working on the exterior of a school on Rruga Kastriot in the capital. The police confirmed that an investigative team was on site and work was underway to understand the circumstances of the accident.

This is the second construction-related death in 24 hours. Yesterday in Durres, Thoma Rusa aged 62 fell from the second floor of a building under construction and died. Today, police arrested the administrator and engineer of the construction company, accusing them of violating occupational health and safety rules.

At the beginning of January, a man in Korca lost his life and another was injured after not complying with concrete safety rules while working on a 4-storey building.

A total of 34 workers were killed at work between January and November 2019 making the construction industry Albania’s most dangerous.