From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Parties Close to Agreement on Coalition Government, Local Media Report

The two largest parliamentary parties in Kosovo will sign an agreement to form a coalition government which will be voted in Parliament on Monday, local media reported.

Two days ahead of a parliamentary vote and three days before the constitutional deadline, LVV and LDK seem to have come to an agreement after negotiations that have lasted since October, 2019.

The agreement reportedly includes resignation of the newly elected Speaker of Parliament Glauk Konjufca of the LVV, who will become a minister in the new government. Vjosa Osmani of the LDK will replace him as speaker.

Kosovo’s “Gazeta Express” reported that the agreement has been drafted and will be signed soon.

The post of the president, which has been one of the contested issues, will be decided at a later time by coalition partners.

In case negotiations are finalized with a signed agreement, the LVV leader Albin Kurti will become the prime minister of Kosovo’s new government.