From: Exit Staff
‘Serb List’ Party Won’t Support New Kosovo Government

The Serb List, a minority political party in Kosovo, has stated they will not support the new Kosovo government today in Parliament but they will fill their seats in its institutions. The news came after the party leadership met with Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabić in Belgrade.

On Sunday,  Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Director of the Office for Kosovo Marko Đurić, and leader of Kosovo’s Serb List Goran Rakić announced the decision in a press conference.

Rakić said his party was invited only once to consultations for the new Kosovo government and could not support it.

“We have learned from the media that a certain coalition [agreement] was reached and we have decided not to support this government as we only trust Belgrade,” Rakić said.

Đurić added that the Serb List will be part of the government institutions though.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić repeated their request for the Haradinaj government’s tariff on Serbian goods to be dropped as a condition for talks between the two countries to resume.

“What would we need the railway or flight connection if there is no one to travel? We will continue the talks but everyone knows that the only thing we expect for serious talks is the withdrawal of custom tariff,” Brnabić stated.

The Serb List holds all 10 seats assigned to the Serbian minority in Kosovo’s 120-seat parliament.

Albin Kurti of the Lëvizja Vetëvendosje (LVV), who is expected to become the country’s prime minister if his government is voted today in Parliament, has stated that the Serbian List is controlled by Belgrade and it won’t be part of his government.

LVV and the Democratic League of Kosovo signed a coalition agreement on Sunday, one day ahead of a parliamentary vote on Kurti’s government on Monday, February 3.