From: Exit Staff
France May Approve Opening of EU Talks with Albania and North Macedonia

France may withdraw from the decision to block the opening of talks with Albania and Northern Macedonia, French President’s Advisor for European Affairs Clement Bonnet said in an interview with German daily Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung, Tanjug reported.

According to the article, President Macron’s Adviser said:

“Now that the UK has left the EU, France wants to shift its focus to the East. After Brexit, it is more important than ever to cross the border with the EU and focus on what will or will join.”

He also stressed that Albania and Northern Macedonia should not be treated differently, adding that “this would be against France’s efforts to maintain stability in the region”.

The European Commission is soon expected to publish a new methodology for candidate countries’ accession into the union, which should satisfy France’s demands for reform of the enlargement process.