From: Exit Staff
Tirana Man Arrested for Trafficking Humans from Albania to Kosovo

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Elbasan for transporting four illegal immigrants from Korca to Kosovo.

Police from the Investigation of Illegal Trafficking sector of the Elbasan Police Directorate in collaboration with the Elbasan Police Station had received information that a citizen was transporting third-country nationals illegally, for a fee. It has been reported that the individual arrested for trafficking was charging around EUR 200 for each person he sneaked across the border.

The man, a resident of Tirana with the initials KQ was detained at the Bradashesh police checkpoint and four illegal Syrians were found in his vehicle.

This afternoon in Korce, border police detained some 87 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Syria. They were caught near the border between Greece and Albania and will be taken towards the asylum seekers centre in Tirana.