From: Exit Staff
Albania Expresses Interest in Joining ‘Three Seas’ Initiative

President Ilir Meta, representatives of the opposition and the government, participated in the forum of the Three Seas Initiative (Mediterranean, Baltic, Black Sea) in the United States.

The forum, which carried out its work without the presence of the media, was co-chaired by Republican Party Chairman Fatmir Mediu and US General Jim Jones.

The initiative is still in its infancy but envisions the co-operation of Southeast and Central European countries in technology, security, infrastructure and energy investments. These are aspects that are seen as strategically important by the US and EU to withstand Russian interference.

The Three Seas Initiative is currently made up of 12 EU member states but Albania and other Balkan countries are not members of it.

Participants voiced support for a meeting in the region ahead of the Talin Summit in Estonia to seek Balkan countries’ involvement in the process.