From: Exit Staff
US Ambassador Announces US Companies to Start Natural Gas Studies in Albania

US Ambassador Yuri Kim announced today that soon US companies will begin studies on natural gas in Albania.

In a seminar on liquefied natural gas technology attended by Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku, Ambassador Kim said that technological development in liquefied natural gas infrastructure could affect the development of Albania and the entire region:

“Natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than coal and emits negligible amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

If we can develop the relevant infrastructure, Albania can become a regional hub and this would bring benefits to the Albanian economy.

We would be pleased to see Albania as a leader in the region.

Albania knows we can trust the US and we know we can trust Albania. ”

Ambassador Kim emphasized that the development of this technology would also benefit Albanians:

“This will affect cheaper prices for all Albanians.

It can give your home a step forward for energy. And definitely reduce environmental pollution. “