From: Exit News
Rama Says the EU Isn’t Functioning Properly and Albania Deserves EU Accession

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated today that Albania has done a lot to deserve the opening of negotiations with the EU but that the EU is not functioning correctly.

In an interview with AFP, Rama said:

“Albania has done more than any other country to open negotiations. It is important for Europe to change. It is clear that at this moment she is suffering and not functioning properly.”

Rama said that Albania will continue the reform process not because it is the only way to join the EU, but because it is the best thing for the country:

“We cannot stand in front of the doors of Europe and plead to open them or not, Albania will continue on the path of the rule of law and reforms. We have to do what we have to do, regardless of what the European decisions are. This is the only reasonable way forward for the future of our children and this country.”

During the interview, Rama also spoke about the recent initiatives of the government to fight crime and corruption, explaining that the government has adopted a decree to strengthen the fight against organized crime, especially to seize unjustified assets and has begun work on a law that strengthens criminal liability of the entire construction industry.