From: Exit Staff
Court Suspends Deputy Mayor Appointed by Fugitive Ex-Mayor

On Friday, the Administrative Court of Tirana has suspended Vora’s deputy mayor Gentian Picari, who was appointed by former mayor Agim Kajmaku in violation of the law.

Kajmaku dismissed his two deputies Laureta Omeri and Hekuran Brahimaj on the same day he was himself dismissed by the Central Election Commission for not declaring a previous conviction. The media alleged the two were not in good terms with mayor Kajmaku, and were instead confidants of Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku, the Socialist Party official in charge of local elections campaign in Vora.

Kajmaku appointed his chief of staff and confidant Gentian Picari to deputy mayor, allegedly in an attempt to keep control over the institution while he was on the run.

The court found that Kajmaku actually dismissed his two deputies after he had been himself dismissed, and forged the date of the decision on the institution’s register book by registering it on a previous date.

The court also found that other dates in the same register book had also been forged, some relating to tender winners.

Agim Kajmaku has been on the run since November 11. The court has ordered his arrest and detention in prison but the police has not been able to locate the former Socialist mayor.