From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Municipality of Tirana Copies ‘What is London to you’ Song for Tirana’s Centennial

Following the scandal unearthed by Exit that showed that the Municipality of Tirana had copied the artwork of French artist ‘Le Clet’ without his permission, it seems they might have repeated the same behaviour with a song for Tirana.

Mayor of Tirana published a video called “What is Tirana to you” on his Facebook profile as a celebration of Tirana’s 100 years as the Albanian capital. The problem is that it bears a striking similarity to the song “What is London to you” published by the Mayors Office London in 2018.

The lyrics, theme, style, and even rhythm of the song are the same, albeit the Tirana version is in Albanian with English subtitles.

Exit reached out to the Mayor of London’s office who didn’t appear to know about the Tirana video and stated they will respond in due course.

Comments left on Veliaj’s status asking about the similarity between the two were swiftly deleted. If no permission was taken from the Mayor of London office, this would be the second plagiarism scandal to blight the Municipality of Tirana in under a week.