From: Exit News
Activists and Citizens Propose Electoral System Referendum

A group of citizens and activists have asked the Central Election Commission (KQZ) to hold a referendum in which citizens will be able to vote on what electoral system Albania should have.

Via an official request, based on the Constitution, they propose the following referendum question:

Should the electoral system be changed in order to equalize voting power and to grant more choices for representatives in the Albanian Parliament and municipal councils?

According to its proponents, the referendum will constitute a significant step forward and a radical change in the way the exercise of sovereignty and representative democracy has been conceived of and practiced in the country so far.

The request was signed by:

  1. Kristaq Kume
  2. Brizida Gjikondi
  3. Silvana Bello
  4. Lavdosh Ferruni
  5. Andi Tepelena
  6. Elvis Hoxha
  7. Enis Sulstarova
  8. Evrikli Kolovani
  9. Kreshnik Merxhani
  10. Kledia Abbas
  11. Liridona Hoxha
  12. Kiara Muka

Parliamentary political parties and non-parliamentary opposition have agreed to complete an electoral reform in mid-March. However, the two largest parties, the ruling Socialist Party and opposition’s Democratic Party do not plan to change the current electoral system of closed list proportional representation. This system gives all power to party leader, who drafts the list of party’s MP candidates.