Democratic Party Representative Clarifies Caretaker Government Points

Democratic Party electoral reform representative Oerd Bylykbashi spoke briefly yesterday on the caretaker government proposed by his party.

Bylykbashi spoke in a press conference given to present the three legal packets proposed by the opposition to prevent and punish electoral crime. He clarified that there would and could not be a joint government between the “unified opposition and the Socialist Party,” stating that such a government had to be “neutral, law abiding, and of high integrity,” and thus it could not be headed by current Prime Minister Edi Rama. “A caretaker government in accordance with international standards,” said Bylykbashi, must mean a government that is neutral regarding elections and that fulfills its legal duties so that it will not only help in organizing elections, but it also won’t interfere and hinder the electoral process.

In addition to refusing a caretaker government headed by Rama, Bylykbashi reasserted that the Macedonian model should be taken as an example. “In the current conditions,” he claimed, a caretaker government must mean that Edi Rama would no longer be Prime Minister.

Bylykbashi failed to clarify whether the caretaker government would include politicians or professionals with no political affiliations. He sufficed in saying that its members had to be “people of high professional integrity and morality, imbued with the good will to guarantee the validity of the Albanian people’s votes.”