From: Exit News
EU Ambassador Soreca Speaks Up about Fake News against Him

The European Union Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca has commented for the first time about allegations made in the media that he had a personal link with a senior government official.

Asked by journalist Eni Vasili, how he took the news and why he chose not to publicly respond before, Soreca stated:

“I didn’t respond publicly because I didn’t want to pay attention to fake news. These are bad slanderers. Those who spread false news, after some time, it comes back on them.”

In November 2019, it was reported in some media that an intimate video existed of Soreca with the female official. Today, President Meta announced that he will formally request that the justice institutions, the State Police and the State Intelligence Services conduct an investigation into those that made the claims and the “blackmail” against the ambassador.

Meta called on journalists to distance themselves from any scenario of fabricating fake news in order to blackmail either Soreca, or any other diplomat in the country.