From: Exit Staff
Exit News Rebukes ‘Fake News’ Claim Made by Democratic Party

A Democratic Party spokesperson has called an article published by the Exit News Albanian edition “fake news”.

Party Spokeswoman Ina Zhupa posted on Facebook that an article written by Exit was “slander, fake news”, and propaganda for the Socialist Party.

The article is related to the creation of a joint government between the Socialist Party and Democratic Party, 100 days before the 2021 general elections. This joint government will seek to take care of administering the parliamentary elections.

Exit News not only was in possession of a copy of a proposed draft law referring to the joint caretaker government but had confirmed the information with the PD press office.

A PD spokesperson told Exit News that they are seeking a government that it refers to as a “caretaker government”, and added that details would only be made public when a bill to make changes to the way the Council of Minister’s functions, would be introduced. 

Exit was also able to confirm the existence of such a proposal and negotiations with confidential sources on both sides of the political spectrum.

Calling media outlets “fake news” is considered as an attack and an attempt to undermine and discredit reporting, a tactic widely used by Prime Minister Edi Rama. 

Exit News stands by its article and its contents.