From: Exit News
Utility Workers Go on Strike after 27 Months without Wages

Pumping station and electrical substation workers of Poçem town have begun their hunger strike on Thursday, protesting 27 months with no wages.

Six out of 16 workers who supply the city of Ballsh with electricity and drinking water are participating in the strike, that comes at the heels of months of protests that have been ignored.

One worker issued a public appeal to Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, asking her to understand their plight as parents and reminding her that, even as they haven’t been paid for 27 months by the company, they have continued to serve the community by working to provide them with utilities.

The Poçem pumping station and electrical substation serve the city of Ballsh, as well as a number of villages. They are operated by the Ballsh oil plant that has passed several hands as a result of its many financial issues.

The work stoppage threatens to leave the entire area in the dark.