From: Exit Staff
Kurti Government Didn’t Authorize Signing of Two Agreements with Serbia

Prime Minister Albin Kurti has stated that the two agreements signed recently between Kosovo and Serbia by officials of the outgoing government were not authorized by his government. He added that the whole process was done without transparency or genuine negotiations.

Kurti was voted the country’s prime minister ten days ago.

Yesterday, officials of the previous Ministry of Infrastructure signed an agreement with Serbia to restore the railway link and build roads connecting the two countries. Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia attended the signing in Munich, an in initiative of US President’s envoy Richard Grenell.

However, Kurti, who also was in Munich to attend the ongoing security conference, said he had not authorized the signing of any agreement and hadn’t been presented with their content.

“Two agreements have been signed today in Munich by officials authorized by former Minister Pal Lekaj. The whole negotiation process was done before our government took power. Therefore, these officials have received no authorization from the new government to negotiate or sign agreements,” Kurti wrote in Facebook.

He then stated his government supports upgrading of infrastructure, development, regional cooperation, and good neighborly relations, but “[…] it is nevertheless very important that the process be transparent, resulting from genuine negotiations, and in full compliance with the sovereignty and laws of the country, economic priorities and in line with the obligations arising from the Stabilization and Association Agreement process.”

Kurti added that his government is reviewing in detail the work of the previous administration in order to ascertain what has been achieved.