From: Exit News
OSCE CiO Rama Argues Regional Conflicts Won’t End until Russia Feels Safe from NATO

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama today spoke in his capacity as OSCE Chair-in-Office in meeting of leaders on Ukraine. The 4th Ukrainian Lunch “Ukraine – Moving Ahead” took place on the Margins of the Munich Security Conference.

Rama argued that the situation in Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia will not improve as long as the latter perceives itself threatened by NATO and EU.

“Let’s not fool ourselves […] it’s not just Ukraine […] It’s about Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova […], it’s about the civilization that we all represent, and Russia. This is something that history should finally [have taught] us, [that] there will not be a possible final solution as [long] as Russia will live in the fear of being surrounded by NATO and EU, being suffocated in this circle, [as long as this happens] it doesn’t seem like things will become better,” Rama told the audience.

He also called on all states to support Ukraine by donating money to provide for better surveillance equipment along the border, which would help decrease the number of armed clashes.

Rama will visit Kremlin on February 26 in his capacity as OSCE CiO.