Deputy Attorney General Thoma Jano Confirmed Today

Thoma Jano has been confirmed as the Deputy Attorney General of Albania, having successfully passed the vetting process on his wealth, professional skills, and personal integrity.

Jano appeared before the Independent Qualification Commission on 13 February, which found that his financial disclosures were in compliance with the legal standards and within his earnings. 

Jano’s name was previously mentioned in a letter sent to the International Monitoring Operation by Nebil Cika, the Chairman of the Anti-Communist Politically Persecuted Association stating that Jano had worked as an investigator under intelligence services between 1980 and 1991, during Albania’s oppressive communist regime.

The letter claimed that he was the “author of dozens of communist political investigative processes and that the return of him, and others to positions of power in the justice system is a “serious threat to Albanian justice”. However, such claims seem to have been dismissed.