From: Exit Staff
President Meta Files Complaint with SPAK Against Ardian Dvorani

President Ilir Meta has filed a complaint with SPAK against the Chairman of the Council of Justice Appointments, Ardian Dvorani. 

Meta has accused Dvorani of criminal activity and violations of the constitution in the process of adopting legal changes to the oath of judges of the Constitutional Court.

Today, the President met with opposition leader Lulzim Basha and then announced through spokesman Tedi Blushi that:

“President Meta acquainted Mr. Basha with recent anti-constitutional scandals and Renaissance (Socialist Party) coup attempts, and urged the DP leader to inform leaders of other opposition parties as well.”

The appointments of Arta Vorpsi and Marsida Xhaferllari have created a stalemate in the Constitutional Court. Each claims the same seat, one elected by Parliament and the other by the President.

In November 2019, Meta  indicted  Dvorani for “abuse of office” and “embezzlement of state office”, but the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office declared incompetence.

In January 2020, Meta asked the Venice Commission to review alleged violations of nominations.