From: Exit News
Special Court Announces Appeal Judges in Ex-Minister Saimir Tahiri Case

Former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri’s appeal will be presided by judges Albana Boksi, Nertina Kosova and Nure Dreni.

Following a lot drawn today at the Special Court of Appeal, Judge Boksi will preside over the panel of three judges of which only Judge Dreni has been vetted.

Tahiri was found guilty of abuse of power by the Serious Crimes Court on September 2019. He was acquitted on three other charges of “international drug trafficking”, “participation in a structured criminal organization”, and “criminal activity under a structured criminal organization.”

The Serious Crime Court sentenced former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri to 5 years in prison, which is reduced to 3 years and 4 months due to the abbreviated trial. Both Tahiri and prosecutors said they would appeal the sentence.

The US Embassy described the sentence as “discouraging”.

Tahiri has hired a US reputation manager to clear his name with the “political and intelligence community in the United States.”