From: Bledar Qalliu
Foreign Ministers of Kosovo, Albania Pledge Support for Albanian Parties in Southern Serbia Ahead of Elections

Foreign Ministers of Kosovo and Albania have pledged their support for Albanian political parties in Presheva Valley region in southern Serbia. They called on the Albanian ethnic minority there to participate in April elections and support the coalition of Albanian parties.

In a joint statement by Kosovo’s minister Glauk Konjufca and Albania’s acting minister Genc Cakaj, they stressed the relevance of a united coalition in preserving Albanians’ rights:

“[…] we highlight once again the importance of supporting the coalition of Albanian political parties in Presheva Valley. This coalition is essential in building up a spirit of nationhood and preserving the political rights of Albanians in the Valley. Therefore, we won’t save our efforts in supporting the United Valley project till the end.”

Presheva Valley is composed of three small municipalities inhabited by Albanian ethnic majority.

In Januar, Cakaj facilitated an agreement between Albanian political parties there to enter the April general elections with a joint list.

The agreement was commended by Presidents Ilir Meta and Hashim Thaçi, Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha.

The Rama government facilitated another agreement back in 2017 between Albanian parties in the former FYROM, now North Macedonia. The so-called “Albanian Platform”, signed by all Albanian political parties in the country, demanded equal right for all Albanians and Macedonians, and full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement and Constitution.