From: Exit Staff
Photography Exhibition Brings Memories of Survival in Pristina

“Kosovo’s Memory – Life under the Sky and Nylon” in the name of the ongoing exhibition by photojournalist Ridvan Slivova at the National Library of Kosovo in Prishtina, Koha reported.

Slivova reveals his almost exclusively black and white photographs taken during 1999, showing the pain of those hundreds of thousands Albanians whom Serbian forces expelled from their dwellings and forced to flee to neighboring countries.

The photojournalist is exhibiting 20 of his photographs captured between March and August 1999, only one of which is in colors. They include the period of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia triggered by the horrendous crimes of the Milosevic regime against Albanians in Kosovo.

Crimes committed by the Serbian military forces under the Milosevic regime included killings of innocent civilians, rape, ethnic cleansing, destruction of houses, schools and religious sites, and other crimes and violations.

The Milosevic troops killed or left missing at least 8,676 Albanian civilians, expelled more than 850,000, who fled to neighboring countries. Several hundred thousands more were internally displaced. Serbian forces raped over 20,000 Albanian women. Nearly 40 percent (about 92 thousand) of houses, and about 50 percent of mosques (225) were either damaged or destroyed.