From: Exit Staff
Italian Police Seizes 25 Tonnes of Waste Electrical Equipment Bound for Albania

Italian police have seized about 25 tonnes of waste electrical equipment during the month of February, ready to be shipped to Albania.

ANSA news agency reported that the first shipment was found on February 4th, at the Port of Ancona, in a cargo of industrial electrical equipment.

Then on February 14th, a truck bound for Albania was found at the same port, loaded with 205 washing machines and 22 undocumented ovens to be disposed as waste.

Italian police said they have reported three people, including one Albanian, for illegal waste traffic.

Dozens of barrels and sacks filled with hazardous waste, asbestos, were seized in Albania last week.

The material was imported as a chemical product for the company “Delfini 1”, but police suspect it was to be buried in a landfill in Vlora managed by another company, Kurnuzi. It is suspected that the companies have managed to transport such loads of hazardous materials to Albania 15 times before they were caught.

The prosecution is investigating the illegal trafficking of hazardous waste. Three of the six arrested people were released from detention.