From: Exit News
Proposal to Purge Politics of Former State Security Agents Put Forth as Part of Electoral Reform

MP Rudina Hajdari has proposed a number of measures to purge members and collaborators of the former state security organs from politics, as part of the electoral reform.

Her proposals aim at excluding from running or dismissing acting MPs and mayors who worked with or for the State Security agency during the communist dictatorship.

Hajdari put forth highly detailed proposals, the central parts of which consist in:

  • A new prerequisite for running for office that would entail disclosing whether the candidate had a relationship with the State Security agency, via a Information on the Files of the Former State Security Authority form.
  • The verification of the information given in the above form and exclusion from running for any candidate that is proved to have been a collaborator.
  • The dismissal of any elected mayor or MP that is proven to have been a collaborator of the State Security agency.

Hajdari also proposed that all the information gathered in this procedure be made public.

During the meeting of the Political Council on Electoral Reform, the Democratic Party’s proposal that would entail electronic voter identification, voting, and vote counting was also discussed. The Socialist majority expressed its agreement on principle.