From: Exit News
Fugitive Ex-Mayor Kajmaku Spotted Frequenting Bars in Vora and Tirana

Exit News has been able to confirm several sightings of the fugitive ex-Mayor of Vore, Agim Kajmaku.

He has been seen on a number of occasions drinking coffee at Hotel Autostation in Vore. Upon receiving tips from two separate individuals that he frequented the bar, Exit was able to independently verify that this was the case.

Kajmaku was then seen on a weekend evening walking along one of Tirana’s main streets, just 500m from a Police Directorate, with another individual. He was wearing a dark blue baseball cap pulled down over his face and a blue jacket with the collar turned up and his associate was wearing a red jumper, a white shirt, and black pants.

Exit has been able to confirm his identity from photographs. Following his stroll down the well-known street, he stopped for coffee in a bar. Exit has been able to confirm his identity in this case as well.

One witness reported that in order to keep a low profile, Kajmaku is travelling with a vehicle from the National Food Authority (AKU) where one of his family members works.

Kajmaku has been “on the run” since November after it was discovered that he had lied on his decriminalisation form. The former Socialist Party Mayor of Vlore failed to declare his criminal record in Greece when he applied to run as a candidate in the 30 June elections. He has also been charged with forgery of stamps, forgery of official documents and execution of office after his issuance.

The authorities said that they have been unable to locate him yet Exit was able to do so a total of three times in two days.