From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Health Minister: No Cases of Coronavirus in Albania

Albania’s Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has stated that there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Albania.

In a speech given to parliament this morning, the Minister said that the government have taken action to prevent its spread in the country including doubling employees at border crossings.

“Albania has taken measures to control and protect against Coronavirus. Currently, Albania has no case of the new virus,” she said.

“There have been 31 tested which have been negative for exposure to the new Coronavirus. We have reinforced our actions to stop the situation. We have strengthened laboratory capacity for identifying the virus and guides on how to deal with the virus have also been defined. The measures we have taken are very important”.

Albania is one of the few countries in Europe and the Balkans that has not noted any cases of Coronavirus. This is despite the high rate of passenger traffic between Italy and Albania, where there are some 1694 cases and 34 people have died.

There are also cases in North Macedonia, Greece, and Croatia.