From: Exit Staff
Tirana Police Chief Calls for Arrest of Fugitive Mayor Agim Kajmaku Following Exit Investigation

Following the result of an Exit investigation that confirmed several sightings and movements of fugitive ex-Socialist Party Mayor of Vore, Agim Kajmaku, the Director of Tirana Police Rebani Jaupi ordered his arrest.

Yesterday, Exit published images taken of Kajmaku following a walk and coffee in Tirana, just metres from the police directorate. Two sources also placed him drinking coffee at an establishment in Vore where he had been spotted frequently. Another source had reported that he was using a National Food Authority (AKU) vehicle to move around undetected.

According to BalkanWeb, Jaupi sent a message to police chiefs saying “it’s shameful if [Agim Kajmaku] comes and walks in Tirana and is not caught.’

He called on police to “take measures from all areas for his capture…he is a public person and information from subordinate structures can be obtained”. He called on authorities in Vore and Tirana to work together on the matter.

Kajmaku is wanted in connection with lying about his criminal past on his decriminalization form and falsifying the Mayor’s office official seal, documents, and continuation of duty after resignation.